Don’t let a breakup change who you are

About a week ago, my (ex) boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. It is still early and it does hurt, especially as I already suffer from anxiety and depression. Amongst all this pain, there is one spiral of questions that are raised, why did I do wrong? Why wasn’t I good enough?

Then┬ámy sister said, you did nothing wrong, he’s the idiot. Perhaps it is the typical thing you say to someone who has just been dumped, but it did make me think. You see, when I get into a relationship, I give it my all. I wear my heart of my sleeve as my other Mum says. Because when I care about someone, I give them everything and try my best to always be there for them. So does that mean I shouldn’t be so caring? Does that mean it’s wrong for me to commit myself fully to a person?

If you didn’t guess already, the answer is no. I shouldn’t change who I am because I wasn’t right for someone. By changing who I am won’t make me more likely to find love, it would only mean I was being someone I am not.

Don’t let a breakup change you as a person. You are good enough and you will find someone who completely understands you and who loves you for who you are. It’s not your fault he/she didn’t appreciate those lovely qualities you have.


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