You can be happy

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but you can be happy. You may be going through something right now (a breakup, loss of job or something else) and everything may look bleak and meaningless. The fact is, you are still here. You are still going strong, you haven’t given up even if you may feel like it. Trust me when I say you can be happy.

Recently I’ve been going through a tough time. My partner broke up with me. I’ve moved back in with my Mum and brother. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I don’t even know if I’m doing a job I enjoy. So yes, I understand feeling like life is hard and miserable.

I also know that I’ve been happy before. I know that I can feel happiness and joy. Even though I feel all this pain, I know that I will get through this. This will make me stronger. I will feel happy again.

Believe me, you will get there. You can be happy and you deserve it. We all suffer, but that’s what makes us stronger and help guide us towards living the happy life we deserve.


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