Does your cat drool?

In all the years I’ve had cats, I’ve never seen a cat drool as much as my Smokey Joe.

Whenever I decide to snack on Jumbo tubes or Lunchables, he’ll instantly jump up beside me and look at me with those cute pleading eyes. Sometimes he’ll stick his face into the packet impatiently or grab my loaded hand, trying to pull to his mouth.

When he waits, he actually drools. I’m not talking about a little bit of damp, I’m talking full on massive droplets of salvia. You can watch a large droplet fall and splat.

He even drools sometimes when he kneads the blanket I’m laying under. You’ll touch the blanket only to find a circle of wet.

I didn’t realise cats could drool so much, especially at the sight of food. I decided it was worth a google search. According to Google:

“They drool when they feel relaxed and content or happy. This drooling behavior is still a mystery as to why some cats do it, but it is more of a conditional reaction such as when we are hungry, we drool. When certain areas of a cat such as the back, neck or chin are stimulated, it triggers the cat to saliva”

I guess it’s safe to say my cat is normal and is a very happy cat at that 😸


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