Embracing being single

I went for a walk today and a thought crossed my mind, it’s ok to be single. I’d been in a relationship for over four years and being single does seem scary and lonely. But I realised being single doesn’t have to be that way.

It gives me freedom. It allows me to do whatever I want to do. I don’t have to worry about another person all the time. I can go out when I want and when I do, I don’t have to think about how that other person is.

And what better way to get over my anxiety and depression. Because now I can focus solely on me. I can use this opportunity to better myself. To become the person I am. To do the things that make me happy.

I know one day I will meet the man of my dreams. I know that I won’t be single forever. But I can only meet him when I’m the best version of me. When I have found happiness in life without needing a man for that. And I will get there.

So if you’re going through a breakup or feeling down about being single, don’t worry, which I know it’s not easy to do, I’m a constant worrier. But believe me when I say it’s ok. This opportunity will allow you to be the best version of you. To find happiness and learn that it’s ok to be single.

We’re all on the road to happiness and we’ve already been through the worst of it. Now go out there and do whatever makes you happy! 😄❤


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