My Mum inspires me

My Mum has been through a lot. She was with my Dad for about 30 years when he decided to leave her for another woman. Since then, for the last five years he has left that woman and come back to my Mum on a few occasions. He is now with that other woman.

Since my Dad left, my Mum started suffering from from anxiety and depression. The last time Dad left again, six months ago now, she really hit rock bottom. She took some time off work and started on antidepressants.

Despite all the pain, she went back to work and carried on with life. I recently moved in with her and we’ve had several good heart to hearts. This is where she inspires me. Because she tells me she still gets down about things, yet she doesn’t give up. Through all the pain, she has the courage to keep going. She’s started going out more and chatting to people online. She’s no longer hiding away and that takes a lot of bravery.

It goes to show that we all have the strength to get better ❤


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