Big Little Lies is too awkward to watch with your parents

SPOILER ALERT: Please note that this relates to the second episode of Big Little Lies. So don’t read this if you don’t want to spoil it.

A few weeks ago, I turned on the TV and the first episode of Big Little Lies had started. Intrigued by the famous cast and the mystery, I thought, why not give this a go?

My Mum is similar to me and enjoys a bit of mystery. We were easily gripped and decided to set the series to record.

Yesterday I realised I had been obsessing over Dexter for too long and needed to watch more Big Little Lies (that and I wanted to draw out Season 8 for as long as possible).

Well I was in for a shocker. Don’t get me wrong, I am quite open with my Mum about sex, but there’s a limit to it, as in no graphic details.

Big Little Lies was way above the limit. It was like watching a porno with my Mum.

There was a scene with Nicole Kidman, where her character has an explosive argument with her husband. He slaps her. She punches him. He slams her hand into a wall. It was really quite nasty, but then the husband stops, drops to his knees then starting apologising and kissing her belly.

Then he’s on his feet and is trying to kiss her, but she keeps pulling away and saying no, like he’s forcing her into it. Next thing I know, he’s flipping her around and shagging her like a rampant rabbit. Oh and they didn’t end it there, they ensured we got to see the climax.

“Ok, that was a bit much,” I said, hoping my words would clear the awkwardness.

Big Little Lies wasn’t finished there. Later on, Nicole Kidman’s husband was away on business and decided to FaceTime her. He asked her to take off her dressing gown. Oh no, not more of this. I pretended to be busy looking at my iPad while she did, but luckily she ended it saying he’d have to come home for more.

Phew, we are near the last few minutes of the show and we’ve made it through without anymore awkwardness. Oh, how wrong I was.

Suddenly I find myself watching Nicole’s husband jacking off over FaceTime while she touches herself (luckily hands are under pants and parts are not exposed).

Tonight we were going to watch the third episode of Big Little Lies. Unfortunately I’ve seen a few articles popping about the fact that there are more racy scenes, involving Nicole’s husbands exposed penis. So it looks like more awkwardness to come.


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