Forget your worries and go have some fun

I realised I hadn’t written a post in a while. The reason being I’ve been so busy enjoying myself. Recently I’ve found myself finding joy in life and doing more and more.

It all kicked off a few weeks ago, when my boyfriend and I spent a busy weekend together. On the Friday evening we went out for a meal together, after the meal, we took a walk into town and went to Kaspas, which I have to say, is amazing. It’s like a American-style diner, where all you can eat is dessert items like sundaes and waffles. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

On the Saturday morning, we took a walk into town and went to the vap shop, since Callum is now a vaper. We went to the zoo, where I spent most of the time running to the animals yelling “look at this!” And of course I was first in line for the giraffe feeding. Oh and may I add, am I glad people prefer to do the elephant, which meant soon people disappeared off, allowing me to feed the giraffes constantly.


After the zoo, we went to the seafront and had a hot dog (which I could have eaten ten of). And then it was to theatre to watch Jimmy Carr performance, which left us both with our cheeks hurting. Oh and of course we headed home via KFC.

Anyway, the point is, I had so much fun and didn’t worry. Of course, my fears and worries still appear in my mind, but I’m focusing more on having fun.

Life is meant to be fun and you should have it! Whatever your worries are, don’t worry, just go out there and do something fun. Even if it’s taking a walk in the sunshine or going to get an ice cream. Just focus on what you’re doing. Enjoy it and soon you’ll find yourself forgetting about your worries.

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