Lighten up and have a laugh

I was browsing Facebook, as I do most days, and I was beginning to notice a trend, which I’m sure you’ve seen too. Post comments are so negative when it’s really not necessary.

There was one post about how an anorexic girl had manage to get back to a healthy weight after two years. Surely people would be nice and congratulate her? Nope, instead people were criticising the article, saying that there was no way she could get healthy again after two years. This started off a massive argument which resulted in people calling each other whores and twats 😕

When I saw an article about a horse having its hair cut, I knew I’d be in for some negativity. We all know that animal posts always lure in the animal abuse crowd, but my curiosity got the better of me (and I was secretly hoping someone would find the horses bangs as funny as me). Of course, people were complaining it was cruel to the horse and the man shouldn’t have done that. People even suggested they’d kill the man that did that.

The thing is, if I’d have made some witty remark about he was just ‘horsing around’, would I get some witty banter and laughing emoji’s back? Maybe a bit, but mainly I would find myself being ridiculed for being ‘insensitive’. Because when someone makes a joke or sarcastic comment, the internet is quick to attack, instead of being light hearted about it.

Why can’t people lighten up and not take things so seriously? Yes I understand not to joke around about serious stuff like child abuse and murder. But a horse with bangs? Is it really worth getting into a heated argument about?

Have a laugh, see the funny side of things and don’t take things so seriously 😆🤣🤗

Oh and if you want to see the horses new bangs, here you go 🐎

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