Online chatrooms as a girl is challenge

I’d been reading a lot of stories about people making friends in online chatrooms. So I thought, hey, why not give this a go?

I went in with the intention of just chatting to some people and perhaps making some friends. I mean I only broke up with my ex just over a month ago and I’m not ready to date yet.

I tried out Zobe first with the name jessiec. Within seconds I had private messages popping up, saying ‘hey’ and ‘how are you’. All seemed friendly to me. So I replied to a few people with a ‘hi’ and I’m good thanks, you?’

The first guy responded with a ‘truth or dare’. Hmm, that looked like a trap to me so I ignored him.

Messages were popping up all over the place. Beautiful romantic messages like “hey I’m super horny, you want to watch me stroke myself on cam?” or “you wearing latex I can spunk on?” 😒

But there did appear to be one nice guy that wanted to chat. He said that he came online sometimes to talk, but most people didn’t want to. It was refreshing to joke around with someone about how all the messages I seemed to get were rude messages. He kept up with the normal talk, telling me about how he was a graduate student away on a school trip in South Korea. That he actually lived in California.

The guy asked whether I had Skype, which I told him I don’t. I’m relatively shy talking to people over video chat and I’m not going to start Skyping someone I’ve talked to very briefly.

I’d also been getting a weird vibe from the guy, like he had some hidden agenda. He kept saying that he was chilling in bed, which could be seen as innocent. But then he started asking if I was curvy or slim, what is my best feature and what about me gets a guys attention.

I told him I had to leave work now. He goes on to tell me that he really wants to talk to me. I tell him if he really wants to, I’ll be back on later. He confesses that he really wants to talk to me and he’ll only wait for me to return if I make it worth his while 😉 Queue, close browser.

I don’t know what compelled me to try the chatroom again later that night. Perhaps I was curious to see if it is possible to make friends online. If you’ve seen catfish, you’ll see that people do make friends for years, although I’ve watched enough catfish to ensure I don’t get hooked.

This time, I opted for the name catsarecool. Surprisingly, having this name doesn’t draw as many crude messages. Although there’s still plenty of guys desperate for some webcam fun. Including a girl user who wants some fun, but he’s actually a boy, is that ok? Err no.

Yet I did find some people that started up with some friendly conversation, starting along the lines of ‘yeah cats are cool’. At one point a 13-17 year girl popped asking ‘if I liked dogs’ followed by ‘if I liked monkeys’, then disappeared offline. One guy just kept saying ‘meow’.

I started chatting to one guy from America who was bored and thought he’d try chatrooms for the first time. He said how he found the experience weird. I could relate. It was like a Q&A session consisting of, how are you, how old are you, where you from, what do you do for work.

I admitted I was going to play some Skyrim on PS4, as I had just started (only six years too late). He announced that he wanted to play too and it was ‘all about the mods’. We became friends on Playstation. He wants to invite me to a party, so we can chat. I can’t find my mic (I’ve just moved and all my stuff is piled up in my Mum’s garage), but he persists I find them. Eventually I grow tired of being pestered to find my mic which was proving a mission to find and I just want to play some Skyrim.

I am still chatting to a few people online, but most seem to have seedy intentions, asking if I’m single and what I look like. I noticed something strange whenever I asked what the guy looked like. It seemed that all the guys I talked to were ‘good looking’, as in they actually listed their looks as ‘I am good looking’. Followed by things like blue eyes, ‘nice hair’, broad shoulders and a ‘athletic build’. Wow, I didn’t realise so many good looking guys went online. Oh and they liked to add the fact that they have big feet or hands. It must mean they wear big shoes or gloves.

It was time to call it a night and play some Skyrim.

Have any of you guys tried online chatrooms? How’d you find the experience?