Let’s create a bucket list

Callum announced he wanted to go travelling for a month or two and asked if I wanted to come with him. I said yes.

I’m 26 years old and I’ve never actually done the whole travelling thing. I did a month working on a campsite in Holland, but that’s literally across the water from where I live, hardly a travelling adventure (as fun as it was).

I am still young. I don’t have any ties to mortgages or kids. My mum has agreed she’ll take in my cat. So why not? Why not go on an adventure while I am young? Go out and see all those places I want to see, like Thailand and Australia.

It’s time to start saving and hopefully at the start of next year, I will blogging to you about my travels!

This got me thinking, maybe I should create a bucket list. I’m sure I’ve written one before, like five points and then the list has been lost. But having a bucket list on my blog will allow me to list all the things I want to do and tick them off as I do them. As well as adding new ones. Feel free to create one too or use some of my ideas!

The Bucket List

  • Travel the world, which has to include: Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, California, New York, Canada, South America, The Caribbean, Maldives, Croatia, Africa
  • See Giraffes in the wild as part of a Safari in Africa
  • Go scuba diving
  • Go Skiing
  • Go skinny dipping
  • See the Northern lights
  • Write a book
  • Learn to dance
  • Jump off a high cliff into water
  • Meet a celebrity I love e.g. Katy Perry
  • Go on a cruise
  • Be able to do advanced Yoga moves
  • Go to a waterfall well within nature and swim in the water
  • Buy a house
  • Get married
  • Have kids
  • Go to Disney World
  • Go to Giraffe manor
  • Get a puppy
  • Get a goat
  • Go to hot springs in Iceland


I’ll continue editing this whenever I think of new ideas 😊

Forget your worries and go have some fun

I realised I hadn’t written a post in a while. The reason being I’ve been so busy enjoying myself. Recently I’ve found myself finding joy in life and doing more and more.

It all kicked off a few weeks ago, when my boyfriend and I spent a busy weekend together. On the Friday evening we went out for a meal together, after the meal, we took a walk into town and went to Kaspas, which I have to say, is amazing. It’s like a American-style diner, where all you can eat is dessert items like sundaes and waffles. I’m drooling just thinking about it.

On the Saturday morning, we took a walk into town and went to the vap shop, since Callum is now a vaper. We went to the zoo, where I spent most of the time running to the animals yelling “look at this!” And of course I was first in line for the giraffe feeding. Oh and may I add, am I glad people prefer to do the elephant, which meant soon people disappeared off, allowing me to feed the giraffes constantly.


After the zoo, we went to the seafront and had a hot dog (which I could have eaten ten of). And then it was to theatre to watch Jimmy Carr performance, which left us both with our cheeks hurting. Oh and of course we headed home via KFC.

Anyway, the point is, I had so much fun and didn’t worry. Of course, my fears and worries still appear in my mind, but I’m focusing more on having fun.

Life is meant to be fun and you should have it! Whatever your worries are, don’t worry, just go out there and do something fun. Even if it’s taking a walk in the sunshine or going to get an ice cream. Just focus on what you’re doing. Enjoy it and soon you’ll find yourself forgetting about your worries.

Have patience with yourself, you will get better

If you read my other posts, you already know that I suffer from anxiety and depression. On top of this, my partner of four years broke up with me, so I moved in with my Mum and brother.

I really hit rock bottom, so bad that I couldn’t face leaving the house. I got signed off work for three weeks and started medication. That was six weeks ago.

I have now been back at work for four weeks. I won’t lie, I’m not 100% back to being me yet, but I am getting there. Some days I feel anxious again or I find myself missing my ex. While other days I feel the old me returning, the calm and happy me I know.

But recovery takes time. I can’t expect to take a pill and bam, I’m back to normal. The same applies to a breakup, I can’t expect to be over him at the click of a finger.

So if you are going through a breakup, don’t worry if you find yourself missing him/her again. Even if he wasn’t the right for you. Even if you were feeling ok, but then find yourself missing him/her again.

If you are going through anxiety or depression, just know it’s ok to have bad days. You might have started medication or therapy and been feeling better, but now you feel like you’re back at square one.

It’s ok, because you are getting better. You may not see it now, but you are getting stronger everyday. Each day you’re a step closer to recovery. Each day your heart and mind heals. Soon enough, you will be back to normal and you will laugh and love again.

So be patient with yourself. I know you may feel like you want to be healed now, but it does take time and that’s ok. It will all be worth it in the end. I know that you will get there.

All you need is you

Ever since I was a child, I always knew what my wedding would be like. I could see the strapless princess dress. The outdoor wedding set in a field with mountains in the distance. How I’d be so happy having the time of my life with my family and friends.

I couldn’t wait to find someone I could do that with. Someone who I could start a family with. The problem is I’ll never find it by looking for love. I should be focusing on me and not trying to find someone to help complete me.

My brother said that before he could think about finding love, he needed to focus on himself and live the life he wanted to live. He needed to be happy being himself.

Then when he found someone (and he wouldn’t go looking), it would be to complement himself. To find someone to share a life with, but not to rely on them and lose yourself in the process.

You see, when it comes down to it, you don’t need someone else to be happy. All that matters is you. What makes you happy? What do you want out of life?

All you need is you. You can still care for other people, but don’t let it change you. Because you are important and you deserve to be happy.

Embracing being single

I went for a walk today and a thought crossed my mind, it’s ok to be single. I’d been in a relationship for over four years and being single does seem scary and lonely. But I realised being single doesn’t have to be that way.

It gives me freedom. It allows me to do whatever I want to do. I don’t have to worry about another person all the time. I can go out when I want and when I do, I don’t have to think about how that other person is.

And what better way to get over my anxiety and depression. Because now I can focus solely on me. I can use this opportunity to better myself. To become the person I am. To do the things that make me happy.

I know one day I will meet the man of my dreams. I know that I won’t be single forever. But I can only meet him when I’m the best version of me. When I have found happiness in life without needing a man for that. And I will get there.

So if you’re going through a breakup or feeling down about being single, don’t worry, which I know it’s not easy to do, I’m a constant worrier. But believe me when I say it’s ok. This opportunity will allow you to be the best version of you. To find happiness and learn that it’s ok to be single.

We’re all on the road to happiness and we’ve already been through the worst of it. Now go out there and do whatever makes you happy! 😄❤

You can be happy

Sometimes it may not seem like it, but you can be happy. You may be going through something right now (a breakup, loss of job or something else) and everything may look bleak and meaningless. The fact is, you are still here. You are still going strong, you haven’t given up even if you may feel like it. Trust me when I say you can be happy.

Recently I’ve been going through a tough time. My partner broke up with me. I’ve moved back in with my Mum and brother. I suffer from anxiety and depression. I don’t even know if I’m doing a job I enjoy. So yes, I understand feeling like life is hard and miserable.

I also know that I’ve been happy before. I know that I can feel happiness and joy. Even though I feel all this pain, I know that I will get through this. This will make me stronger. I will feel happy again.

Believe me, you will get there. You can be happy and you deserve it. We all suffer, but that’s what makes us stronger and help guide us towards living the happy life we deserve.

Don’t let a breakup change who you are

About a week ago, my (ex) boyfriend of 4 years broke up with me. It is still early and it does hurt, especially as I already suffer from anxiety and depression. Amongst all this pain, there is one spiral of questions that are raised, why did I do wrong? Why wasn’t I good enough?

Then my sister said, you did nothing wrong, he’s the idiot. Perhaps it is the typical thing you say to someone who has just been dumped, but it did make me think. You see, when I get into a relationship, I give it my all. I wear my heart of my sleeve as my other Mum says. Because when I care about someone, I give them everything and try my best to always be there for them. So does that mean I shouldn’t be so caring? Does that mean it’s wrong for me to commit myself fully to a person?

If you didn’t guess already, the answer is no. I shouldn’t change who I am because I wasn’t right for someone. By changing who I am won’t make me more likely to find love, it would only mean I was being someone I am not.

Don’t let a breakup change you as a person. You are good enough and you will find someone who completely understands you and who loves you for who you are. It’s not your fault he/she didn’t appreciate those lovely qualities you have.