I’m starting up Yoga

So I’ve just had a relaxing week off, spending most of my time watching Harry Potter and eating lots. Whilst on my holiday, I thought it would be good to start up some exercise.

I’ve always started up exercise before but soon I find myself missing the odd day, until eventually it’s a thing of the past. The problem with me is that I dive in too quickly. I take on too much and overwhelm myself.

This time I decided I need to take it slowly. Work my way up at a comfortable pace and not put myself off. As great as it would be to sprint down the road without running out of breath, I can’t expect that straight away.

I’d always tried Yoga before and been quite drawn to it. I think it very relaxing and something that’s not difficult to start. You can take your own pace at it and build yourself up slowly.

So on my week off, I started doing a 20 minute Yoga routine every morning. I soon discovered that my leg muscles were really aching when pushing forward into odd poses. Yet at the same time, I wasn’t pushing myself too hard. And each day I did it, I could push myself deeper into the poses.

Admittedly, I was busy over the bank holiday weekend, which meant I fell out of practice. Then yesterday I thought, no I really should get back into this. So after work, I did my 20 minute Yoga routine.

I was surprised to find it was easier. There’s this one move where you sit down and put my leg out straight, then cross a leg across so the knees are overlapping. You then reach forward, hold your foot and lower your head forward as close to your knees. Guess what? I could touch my head to my knees! I could feel the strain in my leg but I could do it! Which goes to show it is working.

I did an evening swimming for an hour a couple of weeks ago too, which unfortunately I missed due to being busy the last two Tuesday. But I am free and going to go back next Tuesday. I will be attempting a Yoga routine tomorrow morning before work too.

Oh and I discovered this amazing Youtube channel, ‘Boho Beautiful’ which has loads of videos, from beginners (e.g. me) to advanced, so it will help me build myself up to the higher levels. Plus, I would love to be as fit and flexible as her!

One day, I’ll be able to do this 😀